Tuesday 1 January 2019

Making personal finance fun?

Personal finance can be a dry topic. Reasons can be many. For a start, it is a vast topic with many options, hence suffering from paradox of choice. Then, it lacks instant gratification, something we like. Worse still, it involve some self-disciplining... Damn still... it is more work. No wonder I have a modest crowd to my budgeting app, despite being express and free.
In my readings and viewings, I came across "financial independence". The idea is my "passive income" (e.g. YouTube videos, stock dividends, real-estate rentals etc.) is big enough to cover my expenses. Then a full-time job becomes optional or a hobby. In contrast to a never-ending goal of becoming mega rich, becoming financially independent seems much more doable. I want to achieve it systematically and am at the very start. But personal finance is still dry... 
To make things fun, my friend @Douglas Owusu introduced me to a free multiplayer online game richdad (inspired by RichDadPoorData philosophy of Kiyosaki?) I see many remain stuck in the inner circle of paycheck to paycheck. Possibly an eye opener for many. I think discussing with like-minded friends will keep afloat. Knowledge sharing will hopefully divide the work. Need to diversify revenue streams. I invite suggestions from readers? 
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