Sunday 19 August 2018

Retaining 1-person newbie service - guidelines? is my side project. It is an express personal budgeting system at no cost. Yet, it has a modest and non-growing traffic. Somebody asked me if I retained a 1-person newbie service, how would I see it working. I write up my thoughts as a three step process:

  1. Discovery exercise: (a) establishing current status of traction, (b) establishing where the gaps are
  2. The fix: (a) high-level ways to plug the gaps, (b) detailed plan with acceptance criteria
  3. Execution and delivery: (a) executing the plan, (b) hand over

I would certainly pay for 3 and 2b, but would be seeking a complementary 1. A goodwill 1 is needed to establish rapport and trust. 2a is up for negotiations. 

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