Sunday 19 August 2018

Losing 15kg with (almost) the same eating habits

First, I have done it and produce the graph as evidence. I share this example because I found it “easier” than I thought and'd like to help my peers wanting to lose weight. It serves as a concrete example of “you optimize, what you measure” (source: unknown entrepreneur). I use this principle in my life on many fronts from work to budgetingAnyways, back to healthy weight loss:
  1. I measure weight every day on Fitbit’s Wifi smart scale, namely AriaIt keeps a log of my weight and shows my progress.
  2. I culled processed sugar intake. They got it wrong. Sugar is the worst culprit.
  3. I reduced food and carb intake by prepending every meal with raw salad. Salads can be tasty too.
  4. For the afternoon snack, I eat simple popcorn (nothing fancy). They are voluminous and fill up tummy.
  5. Big fan of green tea, specifically GenmaichaIt has a subtle taste, and I drink it hot (not boiling) with every meal instead of water.
Finally, I was consistent. Credits: @Sanaa Wasi for eating schedule, tasty salads and low-calorie snacks.

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