Sunday 19 August 2018

Top 10 questions for a potential startup employer?

Here is my list as a prospective employee. It is based on a Paul Graham's essay and my startup interviews earlier this year.
  1. What is the value proposition? how do you validate it?
  2. How often do you release the product to users? How do you interact with them and address their problems and comments?
  3. How did the cofounders find each other? Are they all hands-on technical?
  4. Are you pre revenue? break-even?
  5. Who are your investors?
  6. At your current burn rate, how many months of operation can you finance before next round of funding? 
  7. What is the biggest risk to your startup?
  8. Do you have an equity plan in place for the employees?
  9. How are the working hours like?
  10. Has anyone already left the company? If so, why didn’t it work out?

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